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Advantages and Disadvantages - Pintail Longboards

A pin-tailed duck longboard may be a longboard style that's quite fashionable beginners. The pin-tailed duck name is given to a board that sweeps toward one 'pin point' at the tail. it's a classical longboard form that has been around since the start of the game.

What ar the advantages of a pin-tailed duck Longboard

The pin-tailed duck form is fashionable beginners for 2 main reasons: stability and price. Their distance is extremely long, and so terribly stable. For learning a way to push and cruise, a pin-tailed duck is perfect. Its potential on the far side that's quite restricted, except for individuals solely wanting a board to commute on, it's a snug and appropriate style.

Pintails ar less expensive styles to make as a result of their simplicity and commonality. Any style that's created as a group are going to be cheaper to provide from a cost-effectiveness perspective. A pin-tailed duck doesn't contain any kind of bell or whistle like different shapes of longboards may, and is thus straightforward to form.

Other edges embrace the entire immunity to wheelbite. Any started can do with a pin-tailed duck longboard, because the slender finish won't bite with any truck and wheel combination.

The Downsides of a pin-tailed duck Longboard

The longer distance (distance between the trucks) on a pin-tailed duck style can lead to less 'twitchiness' and additional stability. race tricks ar abundant tougher with a pin-tailed duck style as a result of the shortage of kicks, and slippy is arguably harder too.

Pintails longboards ar clearly not bi-directional. Any sort of one hundred eighty degree maneuver, like a coleman, can lead to you riding the incorrect method. Not all decks ar bi-directional anyway, however a pin-tailed duck definitely does not disguise that its supposed for riding a method solely.

Pintail Longboard Recommendations

Motion Bigfish
Subsonic Dart
Fibreflex pin-tailed duck

Or no matter feels right to you. there is not abundant fancy style work happening with pintails, thus get no matter suits your stance/height/weight/preferences.


Pintails ar excellent beginner longboards as a result of their affordability and stability. you'll save $100 shopping for a pin-tailed duck style, and that they are going to be forgiving whereas you learn the fundamentals of athletics. once you have got that down, if you would like to induce a little additional dynamic together with your longboarding you will ought to purchase a unique board. while passing snug for cruising, most pin-tailed duck longboards are not stiff enough for downhill, ar too long to slip rather well and tough to trick. If you have got no aspirations of doing any of the on top of, then a pin-tailed duck longboard style comes suggested for beginners.